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2022-11-29 18:40

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This is the second installment ofMaking Philippine History More Interesting. Its a chronological booklist for the study of our countrys history. Today were giving you the list of books that you can use for the time before the Spaniards came.

As hard as we looked, we couldnt find suitable books about the gold culture of our ancestors, as well as thebalangaythat they used to trade with neighboring islands. A story of how Chinese pottery got here would be nice too.

Nevertheless, we still found a few and interesting and exciting gems.

Historical fiction / Picture book / Filipino with English translation / Ages 4 and up (for English; for Filipino, depends on the child)

We all know that before the Spaniards came, Filipinos had datus and slaves. In this story, Diwayen is a nine-year old slave who befriends the datus daughter. She earns her freedom when she saves the princess from harm.

Historical fiction / Picture book / Cebuano with Tagalog translation / Ages 4 and up

This is a very fun book about the battle between Lapu-Lapu and Magellan. The illustrations also show Philippine culture, such as where people lived and what they wore. We read this as part of a unit study, which you can read abouthere. This is a simple book, but so fun!

Historical fiction / Chapter book / Living book / Ages 7 and up (for independent reading or read-aloud)

In 1980, Carlos Quirino, National Artist for Historical Literature, posited a very intriguing and controversial theory. He said that Magellans slave, who was with him when he accidentally discovered the Philippines, was Filipino.

This historical fiction based on Quirinos assertion is an enjoyable read that gives a glimpse of a time before the Spaniards came to the Philippines. It also ignites the imagination with the claim that Enrique was the first to travel around the world. The story ends after the death of Magellan.

You can choose from the Filipino edition (which is a nice translation) or English edition.

Availablehere(English) andhere(Filipino).

First Around The Globe was published almost at the same time as Enrique El Negro, and was also based on Carlos Quirinos aforementioned article.

We saw this book many years ago, and begged Tahanan Books to reprint it. Thankfully, they did for the books 20th Anniversary! For our review of it and a FREE unit study,please click here.

Historical novel / Biography / Ages 9 and up (for read aloud)

Have you ever wondered who Magellan was? Heres your chance to know the man beyond being the European who stumbled upon the Philippines. I was thrilled to find this book as it answers,Who was that man who brought colonization upon us? How did he get here?The book includes chapters about the Philippines, as well, so there are descriptions of how Filipinos lived then. The value of this book for me is that it gives perspective about this important person in our countrys history.

If you have questions about the books or how were going to use them, just leave a comment below. But better yet, do you have other book suggestions for this list?

I  Making Philippine History More Interesting: A Chronological Booklist Read about the value of studying history chronologically, as well as a list of suggested books for your history spine.

III Spanish Era Until the Revolution Learn more about the heroes of the era through picture books and biographies.

IV American Era to World War IITake a peek at life during the American period and discover how Filipinos were able to quickly adopt the English language. There are also several wonderful chapter books about life during World War II.

V Post World War II Our countrys history after the second World War was highlighted with two intertwined events: Martial Law and the EDSA Revolution.

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